Welcome to Rewilding with my Horse.

If you have signed up to this course I can only imagine you are dedicated to improving the relationship you have with your horse. This course is probably different to other courses you have done before as it comes from the perspective of working on yourself in order to improve the relationship you have with your horse.

Over 15 years ago certain events led me to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour and I started to recognise how my horses were shifting in their behaviour as I shifted in mine. I had little light bulb moments as I became aware that a lot of the behaviour labels I had given my horses didn’t actually exist when I changed my approach.

This led to me working with people on their personal development through connecting with horses. The horses were always loose in these sessions and I started to notice my horses really showing their voice. I saw a lot of healing take place in the relationship between horses and people, but also in the horses themselves from working in this way. They became more confident and relaxed and I got to see more of who they really are.

Over the years I have focused on trying to understand their subtle communications and as I developed a sensitivity for what they were communicating to me or others I learnt to respond before their behaviour had time to escalate. This quieter and more subtle behaviour is a result of being heard. It was there before but I wasn’t aware of it until the behaviour got louder.

This learning and insight, as well as a developed sense of deeper connection with them and myself, spurred me on to take this work one step further and share it with people on line in this course.

The course isn’t designed to give you all the answers. You will all be at different stages on your journey with your horse and yourself and it is for you to receive it in whatever way resonates for you at this moment in time.

 I am enthusiastic about improving the lives of people and animals, in particular horses. I hope this course helps you to open up to new ways of thinking when it comes to your horse as well as delving deeper into listening not only to your horse but to yourself too.

It is my opinion there is no such thing as a bad horse, only a horse spoilt by people and domestication.

When we take responsibility for our part in the relationship so much more becomes available. The horse is always ready to connect, they just have to feel your authenticity and trust to be able to do so.

Please take your time to go through the course. I have broken it down into nine phases, each of which will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis (sometimes you will receive two a week). I encourage you to try out the exercises and self reflective processes at each stage . If the next phase is sent to you before you are finished just leave it until you are ready to move on. There is a journal for you to download to help you integrate the rewilding with my horse process further.  Enjoy the Rewilding journey with your horse. Allow yourself to be honest and true with yourself and your horse, try to approach the course with an open mind particularly if you are set in your ways with how you do things with your horse and be prepared for anything to be possible!


Phase 1 Reawakening >>
Phase 2 Embodied Awareness >>
Phase 3 
Wild Self 
Phase 4 Interspecies Relationship >>
Phase 5 
Phase 6 
Dismantle >>
Phase 7
Intuitive Listening 
Phase 8 
Nature Nurtures 
Phase 9 

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