Developing a deeper and more authentic relationship between you and your horse

Rewilding with my Horse (RWMH) is an online course that takes you on a journey to explore the current relationship you have with your horse AND the relationship you desire with your horse. 

Through specific exercises and mindset questions shared throughout the course, learn to enhance your communication and develop new levels of trust with your horse resulting in a deeper connection between you. 

"I am loving the makes me realise I need to spend more time with my horses for their sake as well as for my own sanity" Emma Lincolnshire

Rewilding is commonly associated with returning land back to its natural state, allowing nature to dominate rather than agriculture or any other form of human intervention. In RWMH we aren’t talking about the land in this way, instead we are exploring how to rewild you and your horse back to your true authentic selves (your natural states).

RWMH is about becoming aware of how human intervention such as society, friends, family etc. have influenced you over time and whether that has kept you close to your true authentic self or moved you further away from it.

The same is true for your horse. How far has domestication supressed your horse’s true authentic self and is it detrimental to their wellbeing?

RWMH is about the true authentic you, which for some can so easily be ignored..

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After over a decade working in the field of Equine Assisted Personal Development (Intuitive Horse) Emma Ross shares the exercises and mindset questions she used to transform the relationship with her horses as well as helping others along the way. The EAPD work has enabled Emma to discover just how subtle the communication with horses is and how mindset, behaviour and emotions are even more important than training when it comes to building a trusting relationship with our horses.


  • Looking for a deeper connection with your horse
  • Wanting to develop the trust and communication with your horse
  • Wanting to find ways of being with your horse that don’t involve training them but offer a more natural way of interacting instead
  • Interested in your own personal development
  • Wanting to find ways to interact with your horse that acknowledges them as being the sentient being they are
  • Wanting to find ways of being with your horse that don’t involve training techniques that dominate, control and suppress horses


In the course I walk you through the 9 phases shown on the circle.

Each phase builds on from the last, helping you to explore your relationship and deepen your connection with your horse through working on your mindset with the exercises I share in the phases.

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  • Learn how to start changing your mindset and how the way to create a trusting relationship with your horse starts with your mind
  • Learn specific exercises that will help you improve the communication with your horse
  • Learn how a ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’ mindset can improve your relationship with your horse
  • Learn how to work with self awareness and how becoming more aware of your feeling and mind state can improve the relationship with your horse
  • Understand why you do what you do with your horse and how those decisions are influenced
  • Learn to get focused on what you really want for you and your horse and start making steps towards it straight away




Rewilding with my Horse is a shift in mindset around horses. This course is not for everyone. It’s for people looking for an alternative, more natural way to connect with their horse rather than training your horse.

The questions asked in the course are designed to get you thinking about your own set up, mindset and style of horsemanship.

As this course is for you to do at your own pace, it is up to you how much time and practice you put in BUT the more you do the better the outcomes for you and your horse!



  • See examples of how I put the exercises I share in the course into practice with my horses
  • See the environment my horses live in and understand why I have chosen it for them
  • Learn some of the key exercises I have mastered over the last decade at Intuitive Horse that have helped me find a better way to be and interact with my horses and that has enabled us to deepen our connection

How The Course Works

  • This is a 9 phase video based course, with self-reflective questions and exercises. It focuses on asking you questions and getting you to think about the relationship you have with your horse rather than telling you how you should do it.

  • The course has 2.5 hours of video and will take between 6-10 hours to complete if you work through the journal and accompanying exercises. This is recommended, but it is at your discretion.

  • It is designed so it doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information at once. The phases are released weekly into your inbox over a 9 week period.

  • The course is delivered in English and you have life time access to the course content!  This allows you plenty of time to revisit the phases as and when you want to. You will have access future updates too.


There is an accompanying downloadable journal for you to work through alongside the videos. The journal is for your own use. There is no exam or work submission involved in this course, but there is ‘homework’ at the end of each phase to help you practice and process what you have learnt.


When you join the course you get access to a private fb group for course attendees where people can share their insights and journey towards rewilding with their horse with each other and offer support, plus, you can ask Emma questions in the group.


You receive a free meditation to relax to as it guides you on a connective journey with horses.

“…this course is well thought through, easy to follow and enables the space and time to connect with the ‘wild & beautiful’ within all of us. Thank you “

Kim, West Sussex



 Q.Will the exercises you share effect our other training.

A.The short answer to this is no however, you may find your mindset shift a bit when you do this course as it is largely about your self awareness, this in turn may make you want to review your training programme. If anything the course will enhance your training as the exercises should help (when practiced regularly) to increase your awareness of your behaviours as well as your horses. The more aware you are of your moods and behaviour, the more aware you become of how you are impacting the relationship/interaction with your horse.


 Q.My horse is currently lame, is this something I could do with my horse whilst she is out of action?

A..Absolutely, this course is perfect for that scenario as it doesn’t demand anything from the horse other than to be themselves. It is the human who is doing all the work!


Q. I ride regularly is this course about not riding?

 A.This course is a self-development course for the person, the exercises shared are for the person to do and the horse benefits as a result. We do not talk about riding on the course BUT all the exercises are easily transferable to when you ride if you are looking to develop your relationship in the saddle as well as on the ground.


 Q. What do you mean by this being a personal development course for the owner and will I be asked personal questions about my life?

 A. Personal development is about raising awareness for how you think, feel and behave, by being aware you can have choice for how to interact and show up with others (including your horse) and with the relationship you have with yourself. Whilst this course may ask some questions that you feel are personal, it’s ok because the course is for you to do in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. If you choose to join the private fb group you can share as much or as little about your rewilding journey with your horse as you choose.










 I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy

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